By placing an order or contacting us, or accessing our website you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following statement:   I affirm that I am not working for any television or movie production studio/network or affiliated organizations. I am not employed by, or am a member of a professional organization such as ASCAP or MPAA or any other such group or association.  I am not employed by the federal government, affiliated agency or any type of sub-contractor or independent agent.  I am not a postal inspector.  By ordering or contacting you I understand that all transfers are collector to collector, no rights are given or implied and any incidental costs that may be involved are not for product, but labor. 

In addition to the statement above I include this: In regards to the legality of the Video Home Recording act settled by Congress with the Home Recording Act( P.L 102-563,106 Stat 4237,Codified at 17 U.S.C 1001-1010) in October 1992. No action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on manufacture, importation, distribution of a digital or analog recording medium or based on the non-commercial use of such a device or medium. No rights are intended, expressed or implied.  We provide a service from one collector to another. The services rendered include cost of transfer, archival, and transporting said goods. Any claims to and for the rights of said materials can be forwarded, requested and considered for removal from the list.  We have the right to add to this disclaimer without previous notice, to our visitors, you should read this policy before you purchase any title.  When ordering buyer agrees on this membership policy. 

1.) I, the purchaser agree that I in no way shall use this purchase of video cassette(s) or DVD-R as to bring claim, prosecution or suit of any kind, at any time, for any reason against the seller, supplier, shipper and or carrier, creator, manufacturer, advertiser and distributor.

2.) I, the purchaser certify that I am in no way associated with, employed by, volunteer services for or act in conjunction with or on behalf of any of the following agencies and or organizations: Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Local, State or Federal Government agencies and organizations, including non-law enforcement agencies and organizations, Motion Picture Association of America, NAACP or any activist organization, Union or movement.

3.) I, the purchaser do fully admit that by the signing of this agreement I am of my own free will entering into a legally binding contract of agreement not to use this purchase in any way to adversely affect the sellers, suppliers, shippers and or carriers, creators, manufacturers, advertisers and distributors business or person.

4.) I, the undersigned purchaser certify that I am over the age of eighteen (18) years and wish to enter into a legally binding contract.

5.) I, the purchaser agree that this VHS or DVD-R Purchase Agreement / Waiver shall become effective upon delivery and receipt of video cassette(s) or DVD-R (s) ordered and remain effective regardless of the identity of recipient of the videocassette (s) or DVD-R (s).

6.) I, the purchaser agree that I am paying monies for labor (transfer and/or archival) done ) & materials (video cassette(s) & DVD-R(s) ). I further agree that I am not paying monies for any intellectual matter contained upon the videotape within the video cassettes(s) or DVD-R(s) . I also agree that I in no way shall hold

the seller and or supplier liable for the release of any intellectual matter which may be contained upon the actual video cassette(s) or DVD-R(s).

I offer no shipping charges on  all orders mailed in the Us. International Shipping Extra. Orders are shipped 

Via Priority Mail
2 - 4 Days U.S.
5 - 7 Days International 
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